Sunday, December 6, 2015

Special Announcement: Do You Have Anything You Want to De-Stash or Other Items For Sale

Over the years, I've hosted a variety of Linky Parties with the goal of helping connect people that want to de-stash with those that may want to  buy.  Likewise, I try to help promote awareness of new designs, books, as well as handmade items for sale. Fingertip Shopping evolved with the goal of trying to increase awareness of great sales.

Today I want to announce that I've created a new group on Facebook that will be focused on providing members an opportunity to increase awareness of items that they want to sell, as well as members that want to buy, what they may be looking for.  This group is free to join, but limits for how frequently you can post announcements for what you want to sell will be limited to once a month.  Rules for posting may change, as this group evolves, but I hope it is a tool to allow you to de-stash, as well as sell items that you made, or patterns you designed.

You can join this group at:

Do feel free to share any item that you wish to sell, in this group, including items you may wish to de-stash, your patterns, your books, or any handmade item, as well as insights on sales that you may find and want to increase awareness of.

Sales for those in the business, with discounts of 25% of more, can be posted anytime and will not count as your once a month personal posting in this group.

For now, please refrain from posting any personal PR sales to once a month.

Please feel free to email me, or send me a message via Facebook if you have questions, or recommendations.

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